Dear prospective customers,

We hereby introduce our translation offer that I hope it will aggrate all inquirers.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that online translation into Arabic is a real opportunity to which we offer our services to you as follows:

Our scope of activities cover the following fields of translation and interpretation:

  1. Translation of technical and correspondance texts from Hungarian , English or French to Arabic and vice versa .
  2. Writing and uploading webpages in Arabic as well as registering such pages at Arabic search engines and uploading their exchange banners, and increasing their traffic on the internet.Uploading texts of lectures translated into Arabic as webpages.

How can an Arabic language document be depicted properly with users that do not use Arabic language on their PCs, laptops...etc.?

We would offer documents translated into Arabic to my customers in several formats .

If you are a "Windows" OS user

Documents written in "RTF" format (not "DOC") and read by "Write" wordprocessor from accessories is recommendable especially if you have an old OS of windows such as ME,XP...etc.

Arabic documents written in this format and read by this accessory can properly appear as a CTL font language (a langauge of non-latin alphabetic letters).

If you are a "Windows","Macintosh" or "Linux" user :

"HTML" format that can be read by any internet browser such as Firefox, Explorer or Opera can properly depict Arabic texts especially if they were genuinely written in "UTF-8" encoding system

"PDF" is another format that can be depict Arabic texts properly provided that user reads the document with new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or "Evince Document Viewer" if you use any new version of Linux .You can review a PDF document written in Arabic here .

Job Terms

Good quality job has 3 conditions to meet on accomplishing our translations:

  1. Being committed to finish the job before accepted deadline.
  2. Accomplished job can only be delivered due to accepted quality and format.
  3. Payment is done accoding to ways and conditions mentioned here.
  4. Invoicing takes place according to regulations of EU VAT issued number (EU VAT number can be checked at this link : Check your business partner's EU VAT number)

Delivery deadline

Deadline is closely linked to category of text to be translated , provided that constitutor is aware of category the text belongs to and the deadlines translation offices usually apply . These categories are divided in the following manner :

  1. Correspondances
  2. Technical texts

Quality and format of translated texts

Format of the document is a subject of agreement. Generally the above listed formats are the ones we undertake on finishing the job after receiving approval from the client. Other office softwares such as new versions of Excel or Spreadsheet , or new versions of Power Point or Presentation can also depict Arabic texts properly.

Terms and Conditions of payment

Payment should be agreed on in advance . Payment is payable after finishing the job.

The client is to choose one of the following ways of payment :
  1. Via Paypal account .
  2. Through bank transfers.
  3. If you are familiar with "Bitcoin" and have got your own wallet from which you may transfer fees of translation in this easy and cozy form of payment , please feel free to indicate your intention in advance . Actual rate of exchange (Euro or other currency Vs. Bitcoin) of Belgacoin or that of Coinbase is alaways normative .

Arabic translations into English,Fraench & Hungarian and vice-versa Transfers in such cases can be accepted on the valid but often changeable bitaddress

Ideal transaction in this case would be a simultaneous exchange of passwords for both a password protected Bitcoin wallet (with just amount needed for the order) vis-a-vis a password protected translated document.Release of both passwords can be done after arrival of Bitcoins on the translator's wallet and approval of the translation from the other part.

Having a public PGP key for e-mail correspondances is also recommendable in case of choosing a text with confidential pieces of information so as to be translated . Please consider first sending a text message on my following PGP e-mail form before going ahead with sending any files with sensitive content : here

Payment Conditions

Translated texts are to be delivered only in electronic form through e-mail or by downloading from an inetrnet link .

Translated documents can only be delivered in an encrypted form if client only agrees to settle payments after delivering translations. Passwords necessary for decrypting document(s) are to be sent to the client after receiving a notification about tarnsfering fees.

As long as you would like to get a confidential/secret stuff translated and you have got a public PGP key to your e-mail address, please consider sending it in such a highly encrypted and secured form to my e-mail address, for which my above mentioned public key is necessary to accomplish the encryption process properly.
E-mail :